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Comicstaan Amazon Prime: Latest Shows Now a Subscription Away

Amazon.in, the Indian wing of Amazon has unveiled some superb visual delight which truly is a treat for the eyes. From reality shows to movies, there is all in the kitty as long as you wish to watch. Ladies and gentlemen brace yourself! Comisctaan Amazon Prime video brings you the best of the bests:


The next level which only Indian Comedy deserves has been rightly presented through Amazon and the critics tell this is the most popular content that is soaring like a raging wildfire. Amazon Prime presents you the ultimate challenge of Indian Comedy to find out the next champion of stand up and stage comedy.

  • Comicstaan: the land of comics as it means is a show consisting of India’s top comedians in an episode of 9 to find out the next comedy king.
  • Comicstaan is hosted by Abish Mathew and Sumukhi Suresh along with the coveted super 7 panelists of Tanmay Bhat, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kenny Sebastian, Naveen Richards, Kanan Gill, Sapan Bermain and Kaneez Surka.
  • Amazon Prime has unveiled just 4 episodes of Comicstaan and they are just too cool to ignore. Be it politicians or gangster, godmen or Bollywood stars, someone did their homework before the presentation and it’s completely flawless.
  • Comicstaan features 4 episodes and 2 bonus free to watch the trailer on Amazon prime.
  • All who are Amazon Prime customer can simply open and Roll on the Floor Laughing, for the rest who don’t have Amazon Prime you can relax with the bonus episodes before you subscribe for Amazon Prime to have unlimited entertainment.

In case if you’ve missed the episodes and are lazy to watch them, here is a short recap:

  • Episode 01– The Chosen one where all of the judges travel around India to shortlist the comic potential. It includes live auditions and public performances. For all the first time watcher, who thinks comedy is criticism Comicstaan in Amazon Prime is here to help you get rid of that misconception.
  • Episode 02– Kahaniya with Biswas. Biswa Kalyan Rath better known by his first name Biswa mentors the top 10 contestants of Comicstaan in Amazon Prime and guides them with ease and grace before they perform over informal topics to sharpen their skills.
  • Episode 03– Off Topic with Tanmay Tanmay Bhat the most sensational comedian with his serious tone of comedy molds the contestants of Comicstaan in Amazon Prime just like him through performance on current affairs, trending topics and all those news which the newspaper feels obliged to sale.
  • Episode 04– Everyday things with Sapan. The nerd comedian who can floor anyone just by the heightened intellect of his sense of humor Sapan Verma guides the contestants of Comicstaan in Amazon Prime through observational comedy through their dedicated performance.
  • The bonus episodes consist of the teaser and the trailer of Comicstaan in Amazon Prime. Watching them only makes one more eager to grab a popcorn and jump into the bean bag to watch Comicstaan in Amazon Prime In peace.

Comicstaan is one more step closer to make the Indian sense of humor global. We are Indians, we have different ways of life, all of them are neither very good nor very bad. Yet amidst all hostility, we cling together in one pack under the tricolor and celebrate the spirit of unity amidst diversity. For all Indophiles out there, if you truly want to understand the mood of latest India amidst Surgical strike to Acche Din, Comicstaan in Amazon Prime is a must watch.

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Long gone are those days of watching TVs and wasting your precious time to adjust your schedule about when your favorite show started. Why adjust, when you can have all without adjustments!

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With Inflation rates, increasing every odd day and the cost of standard living getting higher Amazon only provides the Samaritan outlook of Amazon Prime to add extra savings so that you don’t have sleepless nights over managing your daily expenses.