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Amazon Breathe: Not An Ordinary Tale, Amazon Prime’s Second Original Series

Are you someone who likes watching content online? Then you must know about the air surrounding Amazon Breathe – the second original series of Amazon Prime Video after Inside Edge. With R Madhavan and Amit Sadh in the lead, Breathe is a web series with 8 episodes , every episode lasting 40 mins. The buzz around it and with the preview it does looks like a binge-watching series.

What’s in for you in Amazon Breathe?

The story does look appealing for viewers as they’re changing the way we perceive characters. R Madhavan in Breathe is no longer playing that chocolate-faced, cute guy. The eight-episode long psychological drama focuses on  Mumbai Police trying to track a series of visibly unconnected deaths. Amit Sadh, a popular television guy will be playing one of Amazon Breath’s central character. We will see him as Detective Sawant. The show does look promising and Amazon Prime Video is sure to expect some applause, if we so may presume?

What’s new for the viewers in Breathe?

The way they are narrating the story with the suspect being the much so affable R Madhavan’s character, Amazon Breathe is sure to bring in some chills down your spine. The story is juggling between messed up characters of Amit Sadh and R Madhavan with each having their own issues to deal with. Already on air since 26th January, Breathe has managed to gather a ton lot of viewers.

How far can you go?

While the show is sticking to a much used tagline ” How far will you go for your loved ones?”, it promises something unconventional. well only time will tell, if Amazon Breathe is as gripping as it looks.

The cast looks amazing as they have other promising actors like Atharva Vishwakarma, Nina Kulkarni and Sapna Pabbi. We wish Amazon Prime Video a huge success in their venture.

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