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Amazon Vs Flipkart: Fight amongst giants

Amazon headquartered in Seattle, Washington started way back in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. This was a life turning moment for him. Started as an online marketplace for books, has grown into an e-commerce beast we can only imagine. But when it came to Indian marketplace, the scenario was quite different. Flipkart, a company started by a group of three brothers in October 2007 already had made a place for them in the field of e-commerce. They had user data that defines and shapes the online shopping atmosphere. Amazon vs Flipkart war was about to begin.

This head start of 6 years is an advantage that still helps Flipkart survive this monopoly that Amazon is trying to create. On July 2013, Amazon expanded its business to India. Amazon India was founded and the least noise was made. A silent start to something that made huge noises of their presence and demeanour later.

Analyst noticed that in India every year the sale of smartphones are growing by a whopping number. Flipkart realised they couldn’t let someone seize their place here. There can only be space for one retail app or website. And for them, it had to be them. Amazon had other plans though. They kept it as minimal as possible when it came to marketing campaigns. On the other hand made their online store as big as it can get.

Jeff Bezos’s persona and his ways didn’t fail to impress India.

His team in India maintained the worldwide status that Amazon had. Flipkart would have fallen hard on their knees if it wouldn’t have been for the 6 years of experience beforehand. While it hasn’t yet become a monopoly yet, it sure is growing to be one.

Customer Experience: Things that matter

Amazon understood what mattered more than driving campaigns is understanding their customer. They listened, they understood and they responded. The user data they collected was put to good use. The app statistics suggested that people are ditching some previous ways of shopping and adopting new ones. While it’s about attracting customers by big data, it is also about retaining them. Growing the business and reaching out to new customers was paid attention without neglecting the ones who were already on board.

amazon vs flipkart
amazon vs flipkart

Amazon Prime: Way to show they cared

User interface and shopping experience sure drives sales. But to keep them going and in the longer run, they needed more than that. Amazon and Flipkart both knew that shoppers worldwide are always looking for deals. Both these giants started offering huge discounts on their products. Amazon took a leap in this regard and introduced Prime membership. This membership wasn’t costly and came with staggering benefits for their customers.

Apart from these, Amazon India came up with coupons and deals far better than Flipkart. We are listing down some of these offers, citing a comparison and letting our readers decide for themselves. Amazon coupons and Flipkart coupons are available in all categories. Some offers are misleading because some other website might be offering the same at lesser price. For the ease of our shoppers, we are collecting some of the top deals on Amazon and Flipkart and providing our users with insights for a better understanding.

Deals on Mobiles & Accessories

Take a look at some of the mobile offers and deals available in Amazon and Flipkart and decide for yourself.

Some of the best Amazon coupons and offers on Mobile Devices are listed below:


Device Original Price Amazon Price Flipkart Price
Samsung J7 Max Rs 19150 Rs 16900 Rs 17900
Apple iPhone 8 64GB Rs 64000 Rs 56889 Rs 57890
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB Rs 73000 Rs 68224 Rs 69799
Moto G5S Plus ( Lunar Grey ) Rs 16999 Rs 14999 Rs 15300
Apple iPhone X ( Space Grey, 256 GB ) Rs 102000 Rs 98290 Rs 102000
Oppo F1S Rs 19990 Rs 17990 Rs 18990

We are also a sneak peek into the Mobile accessories of both Amazon and Flipkart. Do find the best Amazon Vs Flipkart coupons.

Accessories Original Price Amazon Price Flipkart
Syska Rainbow 8000 mAh Rs 3199 Rs 1899 Rs 1999
Syska Rainbow 8000 mAh (Gold) Rs 3199 Rs 1899 Rs 2299
JBL T250SI Headphone Rs 2499 Rs 990 Rs 999
Sennheiser CX 180 Headphone Rs 1090 Rs 749 Rs 849
Lenovo PA 10400 mAh Powerbank Rs 2499 Rs 1599 Rs 1099

Deals on TVs & Appliances

To make the shopping experience of our users smooth we are coming up with unmatchable Amazon coupons and Flipkart offers and the comparison between them. These Amazon Vs Flipkart deals on electronics may act as an eye ope opener as to why should one shop from Amazon.

TVs & Appliances Original Price Amazon Price Flipkart Price
Sony 59.9 cm ( 24 inches )Bravia Rs 16990 Rs 14490 Rs 13999
Sony Bravia 80 cm Bravia HD Ready LED TV Rs 33900 Rs 29999 Rs 31000
LG 80 cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED TV Rs 24490 Rs 21378 Rs 23900
Haier 80 cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED TV Rs 21999 Rs 16149 Rs 16590
Samsung 80 cm (32 inch) Full HD LED TV Rs 27900 Rs 18999 Rs 24129
Panasonic 80 cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED TV Rs 25900 Rs 15999 Rs 16999


These were only some of the so many offers. They are more, there are many and there are a lot many. You still won’t get bored of them. After all these offers and deals are saving your pockets from burning a hole in them.

Amazon India’s way of business was appreciated and people with complaints against their orders were responded to without a long delay. While minor setbacks are sure to set in, moving ahead of those is a trademark of Amazon. Amazon focussed on expanding and developing the business worldwide. Globally, they relied on one platform. Amazon India and its partners worldwide stood together as one team.

There’s still business

With Amazon India growing big, Flipkart still hasn’t stopped yet. Their business though suffered is still managing huge profits. Flipkart still stands big with their $11.6 Billion worth. Amazon and Flipkart both very well understood what is needed.

In the future, we can expect a better war between Amazon and Flipkart. Well whatever may be the case the customers are always benefitted. They get better deals and hence more shopping. E-commerce growth is proportional to the competition in the field. We know competition is big and to keep up with such big competition, the market must focus on latest trends, statistics and analytics.

With the advent of online shopping, big data analytics has grown ten-fold. The need for data has increased, more importantly the analysis for such huge chunks of data.

Both Amazon and Flipkart have managed to hire a superb team of tech experts and market analysts to understand this business better.

Amazon Vs Flipkart: A war of importance

This war between the giants Amazon and Flipkart is still a going on steadfast. Although there seems to be a clear winner we can never say as to who surpasses whom and when. The idea is to keep on looking and of-course a better shopping experience.