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Amazon Go India: Coming soon?

The convenience style store that opened recently in Seattle is what the future is made of. The Amazon store is so convenient and it eliminates the overtly crowded queues. The billing is made post shopping by charging your Amazon account. The store uses automated sensors to detect what is being picked up and what is kept back.

You just use the Amazon Go app while entering the store and just walk out with you need. Isn’t that saving your time? Sure it is. Jeff Bezos has not yet stated whether or not he has planned to bring Amazon Go in other locations. Amazon Go India store is what is being speculated.

amazon go india
amazon go india

We are hoping for Amazon Go India store. While that seems too far-fetched for now, it can be on the way. With the way Amazon is growing in India, the plans to bring such a store to India can actually be a reality.

As for now, shoppers in Seattle are entitled to use the advantage of such an automated convenient store.
Amazon Go India store, if happens can change the way people shop in India. With the technology growth, the big population of India that shops groceries offline can avoid the long queues and shop at ease. Amazon Go is expected to expand its wings very soon.

Shopping in India can be really frustrating too. Sometimes owners can’t keep track of the items leading to theft. This can totally eradicate any such possibility. The sensors are always on and anything that you don’t keep back is added on your cart. Amazon Go India store can be the boon we need.

If though this doesn’t happen any soon and Amazon Go India remains just a figment of our imagination, we will be stuck to our old shopping ways. This can be far for India but we believe it is definitely coming.

Are there any people working in the store?

There are people working in the store. The great team of associates by Amazon Go work in the kitchen regularly to produce the best products. There are no queues and lines, only grab and go. The ready to eat products are prepared on a daily basis.

When does the store remain open?

This amazing store remains open from Monday to Friday 7 am to 9 pm. One fully functional store with all amenities is more equipped than any other store you would have ever visited.

Store size- Amazon Go

The store is conveniently large for the best shopping experience and is made to cut to through the queues and not spend your precious time buying products that you could have bought in almost no time otherwise.