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Amazon Echo Dot Review: Is it worth the money?

Amazon Echo Dot is a gadget that is minuscule for its functionality but never disappoints. The top reviewers bringing in the Amazon Echo Dot review (s) have both positive and negative things to say about it. Mostly positive though.  It performs so much better than many others for its price and size range. Amazon Echo released a few months ago gained stupendously huge popularity and echo dot might be a smaller version of the giant but is at par through its performance.

What is the Amazon Echo Dot?

The Echo Dot is the one amongst the three Alexa enabled devices changing the way we look at speakers. These are more than just speakers and are properly functioning assistants to be precise. The three products: Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap are the change that Amazon is bringing in.

Functions that Echo Dot performs

Amazon Echo Dot performs a lot of functions with the teeny size of its. It has a black and white puck and a shining ribbon shaped glowing band around it. There are four buttons just like the Alexa. This seven microphone array system is well setup to bring out the responses that the voice assistant makes. However Amazon Echo Dot is not made to perform as a sole functioning speaker instead it will be added to your already existing pair of speakers. The audio-out port of the Echo Dot is specially designed to that purpose.

You can also pair the Dot with your wireless Bluetooth speaker and enjoy the flow of music.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Price in India: RS 4,499
  • Colour choices: Two
  • Stereo cable: 3.5 mm
  • Music services: Amazon Prime Music, Saavn and TuneIn

Features that stand out

  • Built in speaker available
  • Can connect with external speakers
  • Seven microphone technology
  • Noise cancellation
  • Multi-room music
  • Can control lights, plugs, electric switches from compatible devices
  • Alexa can order food from Swiggy, request rides from Uber, book a beauty session from Urbanclap and much more
amazon echo dot buttons
amazon echo dot buttons

Top Reviews for Alexa

Some of the top reviewers have really good things to talk about Amazon Echo Dot. The Amazon Echo Dot Reviews suggest that the device functioning is unmatchable for its size. The Business world stated that Alexa really has a good understanding of the Indian accent and pronunciation. The Indian Express called the Echo Dot a fantasy.

How it functions?

The Echo Dot connects with Alexa Voice Service to connect with music, news, information, weather, etc. The basic setup is quite simple and easy to set up just like the Amazon Echo. Connect the Amazon Echo Dot to a power source. The Alexa App is used to connect to WiFi. That’s it, now you are ready to go.

Now what’s Alexa?

Alexa is the brain behind the Echo and the Echo Dot. It is developed in cloud meaning that’s it really never starts growing. It’s continuously evolving. It is adaptive in nature and it adapts to your speech and voce patterns.

You can literally can listen to:

  • Music
  • News & Weather
  • Questions & Answers
  • Sports Scores
  • Alarms & Reminders
  • Calling & Messaging
  • Smart Home

It’s developed for every room in your place. There are competitors in the world of Artificial Intelligence for the Alexa. The Google Home Mini comes close to the Echo Dot in terms of performance.

Amazon Echo Dot Review: Design, Look & Feel

The design and feel of the Amazon Echo Dot makes you go crazy. It is small and cheek and feels great on any surface that you decide to keep it on. Whether you choose to keep it on your side table or on top of your existing speakers, it only adds to its beauty. The round and short look of the Amazon Echo Dot makes it much more portable than its bigger counterpart Amazon Echo.

The built in speaker for the Echo Dot is small and that’s makes a disadvantage if you are buying it as a speaker. But the audio out port with a 3.5mm jack quickly recovers from that disadvantage and gives the users the independence to couple it up with any pair of speakers. Connect with your self-owned hi fi system and magnify the sound for your comfort and need.

The basic difference between the Echo and the Echo Dot is in its size and the output sound performance. There are no built-in batteries for the Echo Dot and is probably designed for the home usage. You can charge the same using a USB port that comes along with the pack.

Unique Features that makes the Echo Dot Great

There are features to the Echo series that are truly reflective of the future ahead of us. It has an Echo Spatial Perception that allows you to switch between your Echo devices automatically. In case you are an owner of multiple Echo devices than there’s good news because it closely maintains the functionality of all of your devices by only making the one closest to your respond for better clarity. That not only sounds great but it also truly unique compared to its counterparts who are yet to achieve that sort of flexibility.

What’s important though: Sound Quality?

With so much going on in the Echo Dot there’s so much less to complain. But a speaker of that size can’t deliver a very great sound. The Echo was not much designed to work as a speaker with great sound and clarity. That for many users is a disappointed. Many are saying that if you are buying a pair of speakers it is supposed to work like one. While we agree, we also beg to differ. The disappointed is only when you consider it be a fully functioning speaker. By understanding that it is an assistant and an Artificially Intelligent Home Device for your convenience you almost instantly can recover from it.

Overall Amazon Echo Dot Review

The overall say on the Amazon Echo Dot has to be referring the smartness of the device. It is smart as it is cute. With all great devices comes some cons. This too has its own share of disappointments. However the one major advantage is the fact that it is developed on Alexa, which is growing as we are writing this article. If you are looking for a handy product for your home use, then we suggest you to give it a go. Heads up for the Echo Dot from our end.