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Amazon Dash Button India 2018 – Revolutionizing online shopping

Out of your daily essentials? Out of your dish washing liquid or toilet papers? You can get all by just a click of a button. Yes, a button! Amazon Dash button is revolutionizing the way we shop. New technology has a profound effect on the way we live and Amazon’s remarkable growth is due to its technological innovation.

That is what Amazon has come up with to ease out your online shopping. Just look around your house, audit your daily purchases and check all the products that you are using frequently. What are all of you using on daily basis? Would you make an effort to select that on the Amazon online store and add to the cart and proceed to payment at regular intervals? Amazon has eased out the whole process for your convenience. Amazon Dash button products provide a great user experience and comfort to the customers.

Exclusively for Prime members, the user needs to have a prime account. Prime account comes with many other benefits and Amazon Prime offers include-

  • Unlimited free one day, two days, and standard delivery on items which are eligible.
  • Watch the latest movies and have access to exclusive Bollywood and regional movies.
  • You get access to all the offers and deals first at Amazon much before Amazon regular users
  • You get access to all free music with unlimited offline downloads

What is Amazon Dash Button?

New Amazon Dash Button is an easy way to quickly find your products on Amazon and easily reorder them on the Amazon website or the Amazon mobile app. They are available on thousands of products that ship with prime. Virtual dash buttons do not cost you, they are free and you can add any number of buttons on your account. Amazon Dash button is connected by wifi which ensures that you never run out of your daily household essentials. It lets you order from leading brands including Tide, Bounty, Glad, Clorox, Olay, Gillette, Huggies, Hefty, Orbit, Ziploc and much more. Amazon Dash button list offers you many products from different brands to satiate your daily needs.

You can find the Dash Buttons on the home page only. If you are reordering a single product time and again, a button is automatically created. Dash buttons can be added from the product page only.

amazon dash buttons
amazon dash buttons

Steps to add a Dash Button (Virtually)-

  • Select the product which you wish to buy
  • Go to the product page, check that it ships with prime
  • Click on add to you dash buttons

If it is not shipped with prime, then the product is not eligible to add a Dash button.

You can easily reorder your Amazon Dash button according to your needs and you can also sort your buttons by brands, date added, your preference, relevance.

You can also shop with physical Amazon Dash Button. It makes ordering your products so easy. With a simple click, prime members are able to download their favorite products. Amazon Dash price is as low as $4.99 and you receive the credit of $4.99 immediately after your first purchase.

How to set up your Amazon Dash Button device-

  • Open the Amazon app and sign in to your account on the app
  • Go to your account in the app.
  • Go to Dash devices, select set up a new device, select dash button
  • Read the terms and conditions and click agree and get started
  • Connect the Dash button with the wifi
  • Select the product you would like to reorder
  • Complete your 1 click shipping and payment information. Click to complete set up.

Amazon Dash Button launch in India

Amazon Dash button is yet to launch in India. This small button is designed to lure customers to shop at Amazon and not anywhere else. You can stick it virtually anywhere at your home and shop your daily purchased items with ease. Once connected with your device and WiFi you just need to click the button to order the item. Looking at the positive side of Dash Buttons, the utmost convenience it offers. Users somehow have to sacrifice the pricing factor over convenience.

It is a great pick for the homemaker who knows what to buy on regular basis, else you have a wide spectrum of products to choose from the online store.  You also get an alert on your smartphone after you have made a purchase using the button. They cannot be programmed to order just anything. Prime members get their order in a single day after ordering it with the Amazon Dash Button. The main idea behind this is that you won’t be running out of the daily essentials.

With Amazon Dash products it would make shopping easier for the Indian customers. We hope to see this in India soon. Amazon Dash price might vary with what is available in the US and UK Amazon India has come up with Amazon Pay too providing you convenient payment methods. Amazon Pay offers gives you additional benefits in different product categories. Amazon being the largest e retailer comes up with innovative ideas to make your shopping experience memorable. Dash Button is a great example of how a company is evolving and revolutionizing the online shopping. It is probably a better option to the first start with a virtual version of the Amazon Dash button before spending on the physical button. Amazon India has a lot more to offer for our Indian shoppers and it would never disappoint Indian customers.

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