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Amazon Coupons for Books: Amazon’s All New Engineering, Medical Bookstore and More

Amazon is known to be the top e-commerce website when it comes to books. The application of Amazon is so well designed that the shopping part is too simple to execute. You can also search for Amazon coupons for books to get an additional discount.

The latest to join the Amazon books family is the all-new “Engineering bookstore” with up 50% discounts on various engineering books and up to 70% off on Kindle eBooks.

Engineering Bookstore Deals and Amazon Coupons for Books

Department Discount
Aeronautical Engineering Up to73% off
Biotechnology Up to 40% off
Chemical Engineering Up to 41% off
Civil Engineering Up to 50% off
Computer Science Up to 50% off
Electrical & Electronics Up to 46% of
Environmental Engineering Up to 52% off
Industrial Engineering Up to 33% off
Mechanical Engineering Up to 38% off
Nuclear Engineering Up to 61% off

Apart from offering exclusive discounts on all books. Amazon also provides further classification on the basis of:

  • University
  • New Arrival
  • Author
  • Format
  • Item Condition
  • Seller/ Publication

Medical Bookstore

A one-stop shop for all medical books. Amazon’s new Medical bookstore has all the questions answered for every medical student out there. Browse through a wide range of books on medicine and health sciences.

Medical Bookstore Deals and Amazon Coupons for Books

Department Discount
Pre- Clinical Books Up to 56% off
Para- Clinical Books Up to 32% off
Clinical Books Up to 45% off
Dentistry Books Up to 30% off

Amazon’s newly launched medical bookstore stores up all the major and minor collection of books in accordance with each category of each concerned departments. Further, the books are divided in:

  • Bestsellers
  • Most wished for
  • Hot new releases
  • Most Gifted

In order to make the process more hassle-free, the site offers further simplification in the forms of:

  • Author
  • Format
  • Item Condition
  • Seller/ Publication.

amazon coupons for coupons

Amazon Featured Store

Editors on Amazon read all the books so that you can easily find the ones that are the best. Amazon coupons for books are further the best possible way to maximize the discount on your favorite books

The main purpose of the featured store is to help the bibliophiles save their time searching the perfect book and save more using Amazon coupons for books to get additional discounts on them.

Category Discount
Memorable books of 2018 Up to 60% off
Discover positive parenting Up to 65% off
100 books to read in a lifetime Up to 70% off
Books to Screen Up to 70% off
Editor’s pick Up to 60% off
Award-winning Books Up to 40% off
Start a new series Up to 45% off

Memorable Books of 2018

More than half of 2018 is over and we all know about the great movies that have released. But do we know about the best books that have been released so far? Amazon has created a separate category for the amazing books that were released in the first half of this year.

1.Calling Sehmat

Amazon Coupons for Books
About the book: Calling Sehmat is a book based on a true story from the year 1971 when India was on a verge of war with Pakistan. It is the story of a brave Kashmiri girl who put her life on risk to gather intelligence from Pakistan about their war plans.

Price: Amazon coupons for books are applicable to this product. On Amazon, it is available for RS. 234 after a discount of 22%.

2.Why I Am a Hindu

Amazon Coupons for Books
About the book: Why I Am a Hindu is a book written by Dr.Shashi Tharoor, one of the greatest mind of our century and he discusses the beliefs and flaws there are in the oldest religion, Hindu. It dives under the concepts by Patanjali and Vivekananda and shows the hidden beliefs of Hinduism.

 Price: Amazon Coupons are provided by many sites like GrabOn. Amazon books coupons can also be used to get even bigger discounts. It is available on Amazon for RS. 419 after a discount of 40%.

Books to Screen

Many of the great novels are being converted into movies. Be it Bollywood or Hollywood, both the cinemas are dominated by movies based on books and such movies are in the race of winning Oscars.

1.Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Amazon Coupons for Books
About the book: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a great book by the world-renowned writer JK Rowling. It covers the story of a beast collector who wants to protect them from the cruel world. This great roller coaster experience is a great combination with the Amazon books Coupons

Price: This book is available on Amazon for RS. 469 after a discount of 22% and add it with the Amazon Coupons and you won’t ask for more.

2. Fifty Shades Series 

Amazon Coupons for Books
About the book: Fifty Shades series is a trilogy that has been highly liked by everyone for their cinema adaptations but the real gem is the books they are based on. The last installment is probably the best till date and it covers all the marital problems that they face.

Price: This book is available on Amazon for Rs. 495. Use Amazon books Coupons to get the best deal.

Start a New Series

The best thing about books is that it takes you away from everything that bothers you in the world and lets you indulge yourself in a whole different world of fantasy and joy. The best way to enjoy books is to have multiple books connecting with each other. There are several series that have gained high popularity lately.

1.Game Of Thrones: A Song Of Ice and Fire

Amazon Coupons for Books
About the book: Game of Thrones is the number one TV show in the world right now but book readers say that it is nothing when compared to the books. The books are filled with twists and turns that are enough to make you go mad over it. Written by George RR Martin, this series of books will take you to another world that is so good that would not want to stop.

Price: Using Amazon books Coupons, this book is available for RS. 343 after a discount of RS. 207 and get an even sweeter deal through Amazon Coupons.

Amazon books on the basis of Genre

To make your work of the selection of books easier, Amazon has divided all the books on the basis of Genres. Be a romantic freak or a sci-fi geek, there are books for everybody on Amazon and get the best deals on the entire range of books using Amazon books Coupons.

Category Discount
Romantic Up to 40% off
Poetry Up to 50% off
Mythology Up to 35% off
Entrance exam Up to 60% off
Miscellaneous Up to 70% off

Competitive Exam Books

The quantitative aptitude test measures the ability of on to solve mathematical problems without doing the actual calculations. The questions vary from a simple approximation to graphs and charts.

1.Teach Yourself Quantitative Aptitude (Arun Sharma)

Amazon Coupons for Books
About the book: Teach Yourself Quantitative Aptitude by Arun Sharma is by far the best book that you can find in the market for quantitative aptitude. The book contains the latest set of questions from all the competitive examinations like CAT, SSC and many more. The presentation of data is very good and descriptive. The theory and explanations are provided in a very user-friendly manner so that the student could understand all the concepts easily.

Price: You can find this book on Amazon for RS. 265 and club it with the Amazon books Coupons to make the best out of this deal.

2.Quantitative aptitude quantum CAT 2018 (Sarvesh K Verma)

Amazon Coupons for Books

About the book: Common Admission Test is the top most exam for all the MBA aspirants of the country as admission to the top colleges of MBA is based on the performance in CAT exam. A major part of the CAT exam is the aptitude section which is frankly quite hard to master. Quantitative aptitude quantum  CAT 2018 is a book with a clear vision and focus. It focuses on the theoretical concepts more than the practice-based questions.

Price: This book is available on Amazon for RS. 410 after a discount of 50%. To get additional discounts, use Amazon Coupons and Amazon books Coupons.

Poetry Books

Poetry is an important part of literature and the things that you can say through poetry are just endless. There are many poets like Irshad Kamil and Javed Akhtar that have contributed a lot to this field. These books are available for a discount on Amazon and can be purchased for an even cheaper price through Amazon Books Coupon.

Amazon Coupons for Books

About the book: Kuch Ishq Kiya Kuch Kaam Kiya is a collection of poetry by Piyush Mishra. He is a big name in Bollywood movies as well as the poetry family and has contributed a lot to both the fields. In this book, he has used all his experiences to be bad or good, and have written some amazing heart touching pieces of poetry.

Price: This book is available on Amazon for a discount of 25%. Amazon Books Coupons can be used to get the best deal.


Mythology is what India is famous for. Its rich culture and the history that we all are proud of. You can find many books in the market that describe our history in a very different manner. Books on Mythology are widely liked by everyone.

Amazon Coupons for Books

About the book: This is the second volume of the Ramachandra series and you can expect some type of matter from it. In this book, author Amish display the character of an adopted woman who later became the prime minister and then a goddess. It shows the struggles of how an orphan was adopted by a family and then her struggles to fight against the world for the right. You will also see a lot of the character from Ramayana like Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram.

Price: This book Is currently on a 50% price cut off and the best to buy at RS. 499 and can be purchased for an even cheaper price using Amazon Books Coupons.


Amazon Coupons for Books
About the book: In the 1990’s, a sitcom was released by the name FRIENDS and it became the biggest soap opera hit this world has ever seen. The show continued for a whole decade and the number of its fans just kept on increasing. Even today, more than a decade after its finale, the fan following of this show is just immense. In this book, you can find various behind the scene stories and photographs. This book also contains the special interviews of each of the cast member.

Price: This book is available at a discount of 30% on Amazon. Get an additional discount through Amazon Books Coupons

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a series of e-readers designed and marketed by Amazon. It allows its users to browse, download, buy and read e-books, magazines, newspapers etc. it consists of a kindle store through which you can perform all these functions. Amazon has tried to provide the user with an almost real experience with a high-resolution display that provides a real paper like view.

All the books that are available on Amazon to purchase are also available on Amazon for digital purchase as well which can be viewed over Amazon Kindle.