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Amazon ARKit: Amazon Brings Preview To iOS App, makes shopping easy

Apple launches the ARKit, and Amazon is the one of the first online retailer to embrace the Amazon ARKit. It brings in the iOS shopping app to preview various products available in the Amazon online store.

The Amazon iOS shopping app now available in the app store enables shoppers to preview the product on a flat surface, in a place intended by the buyer. It can be rotated and positioned in a way the buyer desires. It was earlier available only for Furniture. However Amazon took a leap and made it available for large number of other products. View the Amazon shopping choices.

It would be a shame if we do not take advantage of the AR View available in the Amazon ARKit. Amazon did what was revolutionary by adopting the future in present.

Amazon Arkit
Amazon Arkit



All the shoppers need to do is to activate it using the camera icon at the top of the interface before they even select AR View within the Amazon ARKit. This automatically releases hundreds of thousands of products available for the preview which includes furniture, décor, electronics, and to your amusement much more.

This new addition enables the shoppers to make a decision of their own. We would like to call it “First See, then Shop”. Amazon is a mastermind of its own unique kind.  AR is the future of reality and the iOS Amazon ARKit is an innovation of importance.

While the app is now only available for iPhone users, Android is soon expected to release their own revolutionary ARKit. And you know what we are sure of? Amazon is waiting for that eagerly and with the introduction of Android’s ARKit, shoppers can overlay a thousands of products using the Android app that Amazon will develop.

The aesthetics are important, aren’t they? Amazon knows what the world desires. They have introduced just the right tool in the world of online shopping. This step to develop this new iOS app which uses Apple’s ARKit to shop while having the feeling of live shopping is extraordinary. There is more news for which Amazon is in headlines, check out here. Way to go, Amazon!