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Amazon Prime Reached 100 Million Users In India

Jeff Bezos, the CEO and Co-Founder Jeff Bezos have stated in the shareholder letter that Amazon Prime has gone past 100 million customer mark. This letter is sent to the shareholders to mark the 20th year anniversary of the first letter propagated to the shareholders.

Amazon Prime is a premium customer membership offered to the customers. Amazon Prime has hit a prestigious milestone since its launch 13 years ago as a product of its huge online platform. The Amazon Prime subscription has become holds several strands (of features) in the tapestry of Amazon Prime.

Amazon has been the formidable player always in the online retail game. Beginning its journey just as an online bookseller, the later value proposition it has created speaks with the millions of customers it has in its pocket. The millions of customers look up to Amazon to acquire the billions of products for their daily needs. By becoming an Amazon Prime member, the customers become the privileged customers. To these privileged customers, Amazon gives the best quality of its customer service with priority greater than the standard customers.

The primary reason why people look up to Amazon Prime is its free shipping option available. Amazon provides fast and free delivery for over 100 million items. Gone are the days where you have to wait for a week to get the products delivered at your doorstep. Just by enrolling for Prime Membership, you get any of the product within the same day to two days. This reduced turnaround time on delivery has tuned customers to rely on Amazon for its day to day product usage.

Another important reason why customers rely on Amazon is the Prime Video option available. The Prime Video option is available to Amazon Prime Customers alone. By becoming a Prime member, you have all the latest movies and TV at your disposal. You can stream Prime Videos on the browser or on any of the iOS or Android mobile using the Prime Video App. The Prime Videos can be streamed on a Smart TV or on a normal TV using Amazon Fire Stick. Amazon has signed a pact with almost all top movie makers to release their contents on Amazon Prime Video. There are also several exclusive video shows released only for Amazon Prime Customers to watch. The important point to appreciate on watching videos on Amazon Prime Video is that all the videos are perfectly governed by the Intellectual Property laws of any Country. IP violation is inhibited as Amazon has duly procured the contents from the respective producers. Another important aspect of the Prime Video is that you download the videos to your mobile device. Having the mobile videos on your device means you can view the videos offline at your convenience.

Amazon has extended its Prime touch for reading also. Amazon has always known for setting trends for book reading experience. Initially, we had to visit a bookshop for book purchase. Amazon redefined by delivering the books to your doorstep. It did not just stop with online book purchase, it created value by introducing Kindle devices. The Kindle devices enable you to read books instantly with great ease. Amazon Prime Subscription has given you the golden touch for readers by offering thousands of Kindle books, magazines and other genres of the book without paying any additional costs. This allows you to read books anywhere and also on any device.

Amazon chooses to give discounts on several products and services exclusively to Prime customers. There are exclusive brands available only for Prime Customers. Even in lightning deals that are time-based, Amazon chooses to open up the deals to the Prime users first before the deals open for the normal public. This gives an elite flavor to the online shopping stints.

The streaming department of Amazon Prime includes Amazon Prime Music that gives you the key to listen to around 2 million ad-free songs for free. Similar to Amazon Prime Video, you need not worry about the Intellectual property infringements and also you can take the songs to your device for offline streaming.

Another important prominent facet of Amazon Prime membership is the Amazon Prime Day sale. The Amazon Prime Day sale is the sale festival conducted exclusively for the Amazon Prime Members. Unbelievable discounts will be given for a 30-hour period by Amazon. Prime Customers can choose to clinch the crazy deals during the stipulated period. The Amazon Prime Day Sale 2017 made history by recording the highest number of sales (surpassed by Cyber Day sale) from the World’s largest online retail platform in terms of revenue. On Prime Day alone, customers ordered around 40 million items, which was 60% greater than the previous year’s sale. The Amazon Prime Day sale for the year 2018 is expected to fall on July 12th, 2018.

Amazon India has recorded the maximum number of customers upgrading their account to Amazon Prime account. In the previous financial year, Amazon has forayed into the retail markets of Mexico, Singapore, Netherlands and Luxembourg with Amazon Prime membership.

To become a Prime member, you have to pay $12.99 on a monthly basis or choose to be a Prime member with an annual fee of $99 and get access to the bundle of offers you get for an elite customer elsewhere.

The whopping high number of Prime Subscription has made analysists say that almost half of the US households are users of Amazon Prime. The letter from the founder is seen as an important move and is seen as an attempt to re-affirm the trust that the shareholders have on the giant retail firm. The CEO has not only instilled the instilled the trust in the investors, it has already sparked the trust of the customers. Amazon Prime has become a part of life and has become a tough adhesive that does not part at any cost. Such is the impact of Amazon Prime in a customer’s life.

Amazon has broken all the odd by introducing Amazon Prime for its customers. The value proposition of Amazon Prime is immense and has attracted millions of customers to its strong base. With the wonderful opportunity created to shop with ease and maximum value, let us wait for the official announcement from Amazon for the Amazon’s Prime Day sale 2018.

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