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Amazon Prime Offers: Up to 80% Off On Top Brands & Products

Let us bring Amazon Prime Offers to the limelight and explore the salient features of this Amazon Prime Account subscription. Even if you have no idea on what Amazon Prime is all about, by the end of the article you will have clear idea on Amazon coupons and other aspects of discounts surrounding this and other exclusive premium services given as a bonus with Amazon’s Prime service. Before we take a look at the features of Amazon Prime Membership, let us explore the Amazon Prime discount category:

 Offer  Links
Baby Products at up to 70% off  Grab coupon
Travel Accessories: 20% off  Grab coupon
Games: Up To 60% Off  Grab coupon
Men’s T-Shirt & Polos: 30%-60% Off  Grab coupon
Fitness Sale: Up To 40% Off  Grab coupon
Clocks: Discounts up to 60% and more  Grab coupon

Amazon Prime Offers: Up to 70% off for Prime Members 

Amazon India brings incredible Amazon’s promo codes and discounts just for its privileged Amazon Prime members. Amazon is generous enough to treat its Amazon Prime members with hefty discounts on a plethora of products. It is implausible to list the entire list of products Amazon brings under the category of Free Amazon Prime delivery. Now, let us take a look at the bestselling hot discount that Amazon gives to its Prime customers.

 Offer  Links
Prime Movies  Grab coupon
Prime Music  Grab coupon
Games: Up To 60% Off  Grab coupon
Men’s T-Shirt & Polos: 30%-60% Off  Grab coupon
Fitness Sale: Up To 40% Off  Grab coupon
Clocks: Discounts up to 60% and more  Grab coupon

Check out the Amazon Prime Offers in detail:


This discount comes under the category of Amazon Family offers.  When parenting starts, the cost of purchasing baby products also surges eroding broad part of the income. To prove its finest customer service in the retail market, Amazon welcomes the newborn baby by offering discounts on baby diapers.

Pampers is one of the leading sellers of baby diapers. Pampers offer you big savings option up to 15% offer by inviting you to subscribe to Baby Diapers. Let us take a look at the features of the product before we take a look at the offers.

Features of Pampers Baby Diapers

  • Pampers uses magic chemical substances that lock the wetness away by maintaining up to 12 hours of dryness.
  • Gives three absorption layers to distribute the wetness across layers.
  • Elastic waistband that enables flexible movement of the baby by making the diaper wear comfortable.
  • The Diaper is wound by the soft belt and leg cuffs that keep the baby’s skin afresh.
  • The Diaper is also padded with a Baby lotion that moisturizes and nourishes the baby’s skins to prevent rash and irritation.
  • Sizes available: S, M, L, XL, XXL.
  • Can be worn by children up to 25 Kilograms
  • This product ranks #33 in baby products and #24 in diaper pants

Offers and discounts are given

  • Amazon Pay Offer: You get ₹50 cashback when you choose to complete the payment using Amazon Pay balance.
  • Baby Bonanza Offer: Purchase this product between 13th May to 15th May 2018 and get a chance to win ₹10,000. Total 10 winners will receive ₹10,000. Why you cannot be one of the 10. Buy this product today to take part in the Amazon Jackpot.
  • Subscription offer for prime members: It is nominal to have the diapers exhausted from time to time. So, subscribing to the products puts you in a comfortable situation that you do not have to run out of diapers for your baby.

Amazon also gives discount only for its privileged Prime members with discount up to 15% on subscription. Which means you get a single piece of diaper just ₹6.40 (₹13.00). That means you get 50% discount on each diaper.

Don’t miss the special discount for Amazon Prime members.

Discounts on Similar products: Similar to Pampers there are other diaper manufacturers in the market. The table lists them below:

Diaper Manufacturer Maximum Prime Discount
Mamypoko 40%
Huggies 45%

Subscribe to the diapers as an Amazon Prime Member and save maximum.


Owning a quality recliner is imperative of a quality home. Amazon brings you the elite quality furniture at exclusive Amazon Prime Prices.

Royal Oak is one of the leading firms in manufacturing furniture in India. The premium quality furniture of Royal Oak is available on Amazon at 53% discount only for Amazon Prime members. This furniture is part of Amazon’s Lightning deals of the day and Amazon Prime Early Access Deal. If you are a prime member, you are lucky to get this furniture at such a dipped price.

Let us take a look at the impressive features of the recliner:

Details of Royal Oak two seat recliner

  • Colors available: Brown, Black
  • Seating Capacity: For two people
  • Dimension: 150 cm x 97 cm x 99 cm (L x B x H)
  • Manual locking mechanism
  • Material: Leather
  • 30-days warranty on manufacturing defects is included.
  • Positions: Upright, Backrest reclined with leg rest opened.
  • Free delivery available with Amazon Prime

Offer and discounts available

The Original price of the product is ₹42,500.00. But, for Amazon Prime customer, the product is delivered at the extremely discounted price of 53% discount and is sold at ₹19,999.00 (₹42,500).

Let us take a look at similar kinds of products available that also hold Amazon Prime discount.

Model Name Discount Features
Royal Oak Divine Two seat recliner 20% Prime discount
  • Brown color
  • 53 Kilograms
  • Can be converted to the 1-seater recliner
  • 86.4 cms x 1.57 cms x 99 cms
  • 10-day warranty on manufacturing defects
Royal Oak Single seat recliner 27% Amazon Prime discount
  • Maroon color
  • 57 Kilograms
  • 100 cms x 100 cms x 1.2 meters
  • Single Seat
  • No warranty
Royal Oak Three Seat Recliner 32% Amazon Prime Offer
  • Beige color
  • 91 cms x 2.22 meters’ x 99 cms
  • 82 Kilograms
  • Three seat recliner
  • 10-day warranty on defects only



Having the right suitcase for travel storage gives you a comfortable journey. Keeping all the items intact compactly gives you a stress-free movement from one place to another place. With the frequent travelers in mind, Amazon has featured wide-variety of travel suitcases that caters to customers of all categories. Amazon provides up to 70% discount on all travel accessories.

Aristocrat is one of world’s leading manufacturer of travel accessories ranging from small to big. Aristocrat is part of VIP industries that houses various travel products to its name. Amazon Prime features a lot of its products under the discount category. Here, let us take a look at the aristocrat brand suitcase that comes with Amazon Prime discount of 15% discount.

Aristocrat suitcase (STNILW66PPL) description

  • Outer Material: Polyester
  • Colors available: Purple
  • Corner guards available to prevent wear and tear
  • Number of wheels attached: Four wheels for the non-slanting move
  • Capacity: 67 liters
  • Weight: 3940 grams
  • Dimensions: 42 cms x 30.5 cms x 66 cms
  • 5 years manufacturer’s warranty from original date of purchase
  • Can be expanded by opening the expander zip
  • Number lock feature available
  • Non-Water resistant
  • Non-Wear resistant
  • Amazon Customer Review: 3.5/5.0
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #93 in Suitcases and Trolley Bags
  • Free delivery available for Amazon Prime customers
  • Only 3-suitcases can be ordered per customer

Offer details

This aristocrat class of suitcases comes with wide-range of offers.

  1. Amazon Pay Offer:  Purchase this product with Amazon Pay and get back ₹50 cash-backs immediately on purchase. This offer is valid only from May 1 to May 30, 2018.
  2. Offers on cards: Also your chance to get 10% cashback on IndusInd Bank and YES Bank Credit and Debit Cards.
  3. Amazon Prime offers: In addition to the above offers, you get Amazon Prime Discount of 51%. This prime discount, when applied with other discounts, brings the final price at ₹4697.00 (₹7700.00) with 62% discount applied.

If you are a frequent traveler and looking to buy a case for travel. This product from aristocrat will make you an aristocratic traveler by giving you a comfortable travel.


Adorning yourself with the right clothes gives you impressive look and enables you to project in a better way to the public. Amazon is known for selling quality fashion apparels from various clothing houses. Though it is generous in giving hefty discounts normal, it includes the fashion apparels in the Amazon Prime Price reduction scheme also to give maximum reduction to the customer.

Dennis Lingo is a US manufacturing brand that weaves quality clothes. Let us take a look at the strands attached to the casual black full sleeve cotton shirt.

Dennis Lingo Cotton Shirt Description

  • Black Color
  • Nehru Collar or Mandarin Collar Type
  • Long sleeves with button cuffs
  • Full buttoned shirt
  • Curved hemline
  • Material Type: 100% premium cotton
  • Can be regularly washed and rinsed in Machine
  • Fit Type: Slim Fit
  • Sizes available: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Pay-on-delivery is available for this product
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #8 in Amazon bestseller in Casual Shirts
  • Amazon Customer Review: 3.6/5.0

Price and offer details

The Original price of the product is ₹1849.00. Amazon India gives you this shirt at Amazon Prime Price which squares to ₹549.00 (₹1849.00). That means, we get 70% discount on the shirt which comes exclusively only to Amazon Prime Customers. Amazon also gives out offers in other ways also.

Amazon Pay & Card offer: Purchase this shirt with Amazon Pay Balance. If you do that, you get ₹50 as cashback to your Amazon Pay Account.

IndusInd Bank and YES Bank give 10% cashback offer if the card is purchased using its debit or credit card only.


Seiko is a century old clock manufacturer from Japan. Seiko is known for the high-quality analog chronometer it produces. With its century-long experience, Seiko manufacturer the best clocks and watches in the planets with the highest accuracy.

Owning the right clock gives beauty to the wall. Seiko with its aesthetic design and quality manufacturing gives that to your home on hanging. Let us take a look at the features of the Seiko Wall Clock that comes at 30% discount only for Amazon Prime Customers.

Seiko Wall Clock Specs

  • Brown Color
  • The clock should be handed on a wall. Slot to hangnail is attached.
  • Shape: Round
  • The clock is made of mixed material. It is surrounded by a plastic case (That is wooded) and the internal parts are made with the quality filament.
  • The dial color is green so that time can be seen without any glitches
  • Quiet sweep second hand: Does not make noise on its 360o mechanical rotation
  • Size: 28.2 centimeter x 4 centimeter
  • Weight: 581 grams. This seems to be a lightweight clock
  • Model Number: QXA597AN
  • Amazon Customer Review: 3.8/5.0
  • Amazon Best-sellers review: #428 in clocks
  • Free Amazon Prime delivery available

Price and offer details

The original price of this premium clock is ₹3800.00. But, Amazon Prime’s 30% discount, you reach the Amazon Prime Price of ₹2660.00 (₹3800.00).

Additional discount: Purchase this product through Amazon Pay Balance and ₹50 cashback. Then you will get the product for ₹2610.00 (₹2660.00).

The table below lists the clocks similar to this clock for which Amazon Prime promo codes are applicable.

Seiko Clock Model number Amazon Prime Price Features
Seiko wall clock QXA134BN ₹4581.00 (15% discount)
  • Brown outer material
  • White Color Dial
Seiko QXA615ZN wall clock ₹3080.00 (30% discount)
  • Brown color ream
  • Black color dial
Seiko QXH202BN clock ₹5880.00 (30% off)
  • Brown mixed material
  • Creamy dial

Amazon Prime Offers on Membership

Amazon Prime is an elite customer service offered by Amazon India. By signing up for an Amazon Prime Account, you join the fraternity of Amazon customers belonging to the creamy layer. Being a privileged member through Amazon Prime memberships gives you access to exclusive Amazon Prime offers and the key to the wide-open door of other value-added services.

Let us look at the de facto benefits that you receive on becoming an Amazon Prime member.

Rapid delivery: Days are gone, when you have to wait for days to weeks to receive the product you had ordered. Why waste time, when Amazon Prime members can get the products at the least cost? Amazon gives you rapid delivery options depending on the locations. Below are the benefits you receive in product delivery by becoming an Amazon Prime member:

  • One-day delivery: Free one-day delivery is available for selected eligible locations at free of cost (worth ₹100/-) for Amazon Prime members.
  • Two-day delivery: Free two-day delivery is available for certain locations at zero extra cost (worth ₹80/-).
  • Standard delivery: No-minimum order is required for Amazon Prime members to get free standard delivery. Kindly note that for Amazon non-prime members standard delivery charge of ₹50 is added for orders less than ₹599/-. Even product not sold by Amazon, the delivery charges are borne by Amazon and that means you need not pay additional bucks for products procured by third-party sellers.
  • Same-day delivery: Amazon Prime Members also get the chance to have Amazon same-day delivery to eligible locations for a discounted price of ₹50 (₹150).
  • Morning delivery: If a customer places an Order by Morning 11 AM, then he can get the product delivered by evening. This facility is available for selected locations. Amazon Prime members get this premium service at ₹50 only (₹150).
  • Scheduled delivery: Amazon India gives a scheduled delivery option where it gives the customers the authority to schedule date and time of product delivery. This delivery is available for delicate products like TV, AC, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Furniture, Microwave, and Treadmill. Amazon Prime members can avail this delivery at just ₹50 that means you get ₹100 off on the original charge of delivery.

Prime Early Access deals: Amazon gives you shortly timed promotions featured with a maximum discount percentage. Lightning deals are shown in the deals page are in the home page of Amazon. Amazon Prime members get 30-minute early access to the deals before Amazon features to the other standard customers. You can identify the primary early access deal with the Prime Early Access Badge tagged near the products. You can use search filters on the today’s deals page to use the prime early access deals.

Prime Exclusive Access deals: Timed deals on certain products will be featured in the today’s deals page. Amazon gives you the key to have widely discounted Amazon Prime Price that is given exclusively only for Amazon Prime members. You can identify this by using the Amazon Prime Exclusive deal badge featured near the product.

Amazon Prime Video: Amazon Prime video has re-defined the world of entertainment by providing on-demand streaming access to millions of movies and TV shows online. Amazon Prime members also get free access to Amazon Prime Videos. All latest movies are available categorically in the Prime. You can stream the videos on the web and also on iOS and Android devices. The Prime Video app is available for Smart devices like Fire Stick, Apple TV, and other Smart Televisions. Also, videos are available with subtitles in varied languages.

Isn’t it stunning to note that Amazon gives you the key to Hollywood, Bollywood and other TV shows at your disposal for free? You can all watch the best movies and shows with your hand-held devices with no additional cost!

Amazon Prime Music: Amazon not only gives you access to Videos; it also gives you the key to the world of Music. Music means to unlimited music sprawling across a wide variety of genre. Almost all music labels released are available at free of cost only for Amazon Prime members. You might have had issues with ad-playing or featured before hearing the song or in midst of a song. You do not have to face the issues with Amazon Prime Music. You have free access millions of songs and albums.

You have an option to create playlist and customer your Amazon Prime Music account. All major releases can be heard just within seconds of release. Another good news regarding the Amazon Prime Music feature is you also get the option to download the tracks for offline use. Now, you don’t have to face piracy issues as Amazon gives it to you by incorporating the Intellection property laws.

You can also mix music and enjoy fun music streaming at your choice. Amazon Prime Music is available on devices powered by Amazon’s bot Alexa and also other gadgets running on Android and iOS.

Amazon Family Offers: Amazon is not just concerned about a customer. It also extends its best concern to the customer’s family. For an Amazon Prime member, it opens the retail store to Family-oriented offers. You can visit amazon.in/family for more details on this. Especially on your baby products, Amazon Family scheme gives you 15% discount on subscription.

You get exclusive Amazon Prime promo codes and coupons for family products by being an Amazon Prime member. You can add your child’s profile on Amazon and create the Baby Wishlists. You get rewarded immensely for completing the transaction with baby wish lists.

We have seen a lot of details on Amazon Prime membership and benefits we get by upgrading our standard Amazon account to a Prime Account. Now, let us see how to become an Amazon Prime member.


To enjoy the above-mentioned benefits, you need to purchase the Amazon Prime Membership. The Amazon Prime Membership is available on a yearly basis only. By paying just ₹999, Amazon opens the world of discounts and offers for a year. Amazon also chooses to give promotional prime subscription on trial basis. So, watch out for Amazon Prime Subscription notification and become a Prime member.

iOS users have to enroll for the Prime membership from a desktop as the feature is currently not available on the iOS device.

The Prime membership transaction can be done with any of the electronic payment methods like credit card, debit card, Net banking, Amazon Pay Balance. You cannot use Cash-on-delivery option for the Amazon Prime membership purchase transaction.

We have so much to receive from an Amazon Prime Membership. Who will stay away from such a gracious deal? Am sure, you won’t stay knowing the benefits. Sign up for Amazon Prime Account today!


When there are myriad offline retailers to decline the rates you request on a bargain, Amazon with his customer-oriented service has chosen to show distinctiveness to the customers with Amazon Prime Membership. You not only get discounts on delivery but exclusive deals that nobody in the globe gets. Also, by exposing the world of entertainment through its media services, Amazon Prime always excites you with its plan and schemes. Are you contemplating to become an Amazon member? Then this is the right time, as you can have access to Early Prime day deals which is just around the corner.

Exclusive Amazon Prime offers and coupons are available for Amazon members much more earlier than others on all the Amazon sales. During early access, Prime members can add products to their wish list and buy them at discounted prices during the time of sale. Join and get 20% back when you add balance. How to avail the Amazon Prime offer-

  1. Join Amazon prime
  2. Load Amazon pay balance on the same day itself.

Get cash back of 300 during the period of offer. This offer is only valid for customers who take paid membership before 24h January.

Amazon Prime offers and deals-

  • Free fast delivery – As a prime member you get one day and two day free delivery on eligible items.
  • Prime members also enjoy discounted same day delivery and morning delivery too major metropolitans and many other cities.
  • Unlimited video streaming – Get access to latest Bollywood, Regional and Hollywood movies
  • Exclusive access to deals and much more
  • Get early access to top deals on Great Indian sale and all other sales. Get access to all lightening deals earlier than other Amazon users. Get exclusive discounts and offers too as a prime member.

Limited period offer – Load Amazon pay balance and get 300 back Grab offer Offer variants:

  • Join Amazon Prime today and grab amazing Amazon offers.
  • No Cash on delivery
  • One year paid membership added in your cart
  • You can cancel the membership anytime
  • Check for all Prime delivery options available for your order at the time of checkout.

Prime offers easy and amazing experience on Amazon fulfilled items which are of high quality. All the products are well checked before they are delivered and high quality is ensured for every order with Amazon fulfilled. Check for the prime terms and conditions. Click here For more offers and deals visit Amazon India and grab the hot deals.

Check for the prime terms and conditions. Click here
For more offers and deals visit Amazon India and grab the hot deals.

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