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Top 10 Amazon Books Bestsellers – Price, Ratings & Ranks of 2018

Amazon India has been in the forefront in providing the best online retail service to its customers. The quality of service offered has elevated Amazon to top the list in terms of revenue among the retailers. It is noteworthy to note that Amazon embarked on its retail journey as an online bookseller. Amazon books best sellers’ category has always been the guide that offers the right books to the bibliophiles in the genre that suits them. With the advent of its innovative digital reading platform: Kindle and its Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon has revamped the publishing to put on a digital coat to offer the best reading experience for voracious readers in this digital age.

Amazon best sellers India has its team of editors who pick up the quality literary works in each genre and presents to the reading fraternity. Also, you can use Amazon coupons to purchase any products from these best sellers. Most of the Amazon bestsellers give the discount by using the coupons.

Check out the Amazon Books Bestsellers offers and coupons: 

 Offer  Links
Up to 34% off on Quantitative Aptitude  Grab offer
Word Power Made Easy at 73% discount  Grab offer
General Knowledge at 17% discount  Grab offer
The Alchemist at 40% Kindle offer  Grab offer
 Up to 50% off on Manorama Yearbook  Grab offer
Sapiens at 40% discount  Grab offer
Railway Assistant Loco Pilot  at 40% off  Grab offer
Indian Polity at 45% discount  Grab offer
The Power of your Subconscious Mind at 51% discount  Grab offer
The subtle art of not giving f*ck at 40% discount  Grab offer

Let’s dive into the sea of the book to excavate the precious finds of Amazon best sellers 2018.


It is very easy to get lost in the mining excavation with millions of books. But, with an experienced guide at our disposal, the expedition gets back its lost charm. That’s what Amazon books bestsellers’ offer to its loyal customers. Even if you have not taken up reading as an activity, don’t worry. Amazon is there to guide you with its list. Amazon best sellers list is a perfect stimulant, to begin with, your reading journey.

  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R.S.Aggarwal at 34% discount

Book Synopsis

This book has attained a cult status among the student fraternity especially the Engineering group by being a readymade guide for clearing the first of securing a job in any of the Multi-National Companies in India. This book almost covers all the concepts needed for clearing the aptitude level. Now you gain your aptitude needed for clearing any of the competitive exams to be it an IBPS, CAT, MAT,  GMAT, SSC, UPSC, RRB and other exams.

About the author

Dr. R.S. Aggarwal is a Masters graduate in Mathematics from the University of Delhi. He completed his Ph.D. from the same University and then went to work as a lecturer in the N.A.S. College, Meerut. He took a voluntary retirement and has authored around 75 books for exams from clerical level to I.A.S.

Book details

No. of pages: 960 pages
Publisher: S Chand Publishing
Language: English
Average Customer Review: 4.3/5
Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #11 in All books; #1 in Interview Preparation: Essay, Letter & Review Writing books, #1 Society in Social Sciences: Educational books
Book Format and Price details

This book is available only in Paperback format and is priced at ₹482.00 (₹725.00). Amazon Books Bestsellers India gives this book at 34% discount. Use Amazon books coupons to avail this discount.

Only 2 books can be ordered per customer.

Additional offers and discounts: ₹50 Cashback is given when you purchase through Amazon Pay during May 1 to 15 2018. The minimum purchase amount is ₹250 for this discount application.

  • Word Power made easy by Norman Lewis at 73% discount

Book Synopsis

If you want to be a master of English language’s vocabulary, this book is a must to have on your bookshelf. Norman Lewis etymologically deals with the vast ocean of English vocabulary and gives the art of mastering in a simple way.

If you are planning to take up English related exams like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE and SAT, this book will be your guide in making the English section a cake-walk.

About the author

Lewis was an author, grammarian, lexicographer Norman, and etymologist. His command over the English language enabled him to publish books from his vantage points. All his books are rich in etymological content and have been the blueprint for correct usage.

Book details

No. of pages: 686 pages
Publisher: Goyal
Language: English
Average Customer Review: 4.4/5
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #12 in books; #1 in Grammar books; #2 in Language Learning & Teaching; #5 in Exam Preparation.

Book Format and Price Details

This book comes in three primary formats: Kindle, hardcover, and paperback. The price of each of these format varies

Paperback: The paperback edition of this concise vocabulary builder comes at a price of ₹152.00 (₹169.00) at a discount of 10%.
Hardcover: The hardcover print of this book is priced at ₹3000.00
Kindle: The Kindle edition of the book is sold at ₹110.20 (₹409.00) and you save 73% on the Kindle edition. Download the Amazon’s Kindle app and read the book instantly after purchase at the cheapest price.
This book is part of any of the best-selling list. This is a must-have book in your library.

  • General Knowledge by Manohar Pandey at 17% discount

Book Synopsis

Possessing general knowledge is essential for a progress of an individual in their vantage points. Acquiring knowledge of prominent events happening in and around us are crucial for a product learning and be a successful person. This General Knowledge book by Manohar Pandey is a concise book with essential data. You can use this book to update your minds on current affairs and significant happenings.

About the author

The author Manohar Pandey hails from the Arihant Publishing house, which is a source of a number of books on competitive exams. Manohar has compiled this book with his deep general knowledge and awareness of the competitive exam segment of the environment. This comprehensive book serves as a guide to people who takes all kinds of exams that has general knowledge question.

Book details

No. of pages: 160 pages
Publisher: Arihant Publications
Language: English
Average Customer Review: 4.3/5.0

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #9, #1 in Reference books

Book format and Price Details

This book is published in paperback format alone. This general knowledge stuffed book comes at a cheap price of ₹25.00 (₹30.00) with 17% discount. Get this book if you are taking any competitive exam that involves general knowledge in the syllabus.

  • The Alchemist by Paul Coelho at 40% Kindle offer

Book Synopsis

Amazon best sellers’ books & Novels features ‘The Alchemist’ by Paul Coelho in its best sellers category. This book was originally written in Portuguese before being translated into 60 languages all over the world. The story is about a shepherd boy who embarks a journey without money, where he meets new people to get the things he needs.

The author’s lucid narrative keeps you gripping to the story. This book will be an unputdownable book for ardent readers. This book is lauded by top newspapers like the USA Today, The Times and other elite dailies.

 About the Author

Paul Coelho is a Brazilian author who began his career as a lyricist and later took the role of a theatre director. He has published scores of books and is an ardent blogger. He is a recipient of numerous prestigious awards from various countries.

Book details

No. of pages: 172 pages
Publisher: Harper
Language: English
Average Customer Review: 4.6/5
Amazon bestseller rank: #8

Book Format and Price Details

This book is available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle editions.

Paperback: The paperback edition of the book is available at ₹270.00 (₹350.00) with a discount of 23% given by Amazon.
Hardcover: The hardcopy print of the book is priced at ₹422.50 (₹1268.00), which is 67% lesser than the original price.
Kindle: The Kindle edition of the book is priced at ₹123.50 (₹204.66) and comes at a discount of 40%
If you want to start the habit of reading novels, then this book is the best one to start with. You will deeply fall in love with reading as Paul narrates the expedition of the shepherd boy.

  • Manorama Yearbook 2018

Book Synopsis

Before the era of the Internet, the Manorama Yearbook was used as the dictionary of General Knowledge containing a sea of information needed to crack competitive examinations and also in increasing the knowledge of people. Even the internet age is not able to destroy the charm of this amazing Yearbook.

This book gives information on all topic in the globe. The book is published by the prestigious Malayala Manorama group of publications headed by its editor-in-chief Mammen Matthew. This book will serve as an archive for each year. Having this book is a must in your home if want your child to become a General Knowledge genius.

About the author

Mammen Matthew is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Malayala Manorama group of publications. He is the elder son of former editor-in-chief K.M. Matthew. He has been in the forefront of the Journalism façade for the past 40 years. Mammen was with the Time Group before he joined Malayala Manorama. Mr. Matthew holds a Masters degree in Medieval History from the prestigious St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. He is also the recipient of the Padma Bhushan by the Government of Indian in 2005.

Book details

No. of pages: 1044 pages
Publisher: Malayala Manorama
Edition: Fifty-third edition (2017)
Language: English
Average Customer Reviews: 4.1/5
Amazon bestsellers rank: #6

Book format & Price details

This concise general knowledge book is available only in paperback format. This book comes with a discount of 38% at a price of ₹185.00 (₹300.00).

This book is a must-read for cracking the Civil Service Mains examination. Get this copy if you are a Civil Service aspirant. Note that only 2 copies of this book will be delivered to a customer.

  • Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari at 40% discount

Book Synopsis

This book is not only featured in Amazon’s best seller’s books but also topped the charts in ‘The Sunday Times’ as the #1 best seller. Over one million copies of the books are sold. This book delves deeper into the history of mankind and gives the rationale behind metaphysical strand surrounding human life.

This book is one the finest literary collection you should have in your home to know the history of YOU from stone age till now.

About the Author

Yuval Noah Harari is an Israeli historian and professor of history at the prestigious Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He is also known for his best-selling work ‘Homo Deus: A Brief history of Tomorrow’.

Book Details

No. of pages: 512 pages
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Language: English
Average Customer Review: 4.6/5
Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #5

Book Format and Price details

This book is available in Paperback, hardcover and also in Kindle formats.

Paperback: The paperback edition comes with a discount of 40% at ₹299.00 (₹499.00) in Amazon best sellers book section.
Hardcover: The hardcover edition is priced at ₹1701.00 (₹2478.00) with 31% discount.
Kindle: You can also read this book on your Kindle app instantly purchased at the cheapest price of ₹237.30 (₹594.00) that comes at a discount of a whopping 60%
Get this book today and know where you came from!

  • Railway Assistant Loco Pilot and Technician 2018

Book Synopsis

Indian Railways, the lifeline to many people in the country, employs people greater than the total population of many countries. It caters for the transit of millions of people every day. The bigger organization demands a bigger workforce.

Recently, this year Indian railways announced 26000 vacancies of Assistant Loco Pilots and Technicians. Indian Railways is known for recruiting the most talented people by screening them through its board the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB). This book has the detailed syllabus on the exam, question pattern, current affairs and solved previous years’ question papers. The book also features mock question papers set by the highly experienced team at Arihant that gives an exam simulation to the aspirants.

About the Editorial team

Arihant is known for publishing quality study materials for various exams. This book is compiled with the latest data on various front and acts as a single guide to the aspirants to takes the RRB exam. They have been in business for 15 years and the success records of various competitive exam’s rank holders are witnesses to it.

Book details

No. of pages: 375
Publisher: Arihant Publication
Edition: Fourth edition
Average customer review: 3.8/5
Amazon Bestsellers rank: #4

Book format & Price details

This book is available only in paperback format. The Amazon best sellers India section gives the book to you at ₹160.00 (₹265.00) with 40% discount.

This book is much needed for people who are planning to crack the RRB’s assessment for Railway assistant loco-pilot and technicians.

  • Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth at 45% discount

Book Synopsis

This book since its first edition has been the best and only book for Indian polity. This concise edition of the book has the guide to aspirants who want to crack any competitive exams be it civil service or any exams of the cadre. Almost all IAS toppers and other exam crackers will give credit to this book for the Indian Polity section. Even the recent fifth edition is included with new chapters along with four new appendices.

Grab this Amazon Bestseller India book, if want to master Indian Polity section for clearing any competitive exams.

About the Author

The author M Laxmikanth is a post-graduate from the Osmania University in 1989. He was the director of an IAS coaching institute in Hyderabad, where he authored this classic book on Indian Polity. He is now assumed to be part of the Union Public Service Commission that conducts the civil service Examination.

Book Details

No. of Pages: 852 pages
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Language:  English
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3

Book Format & price details

This book is available in Paperback and Kindle editions.  Take a look at the price details of the different format available:

Paperback: The Paperback edition of the book is available at ₹403.00 (₹730.00) with 45% discount.
Kindle: The Kindle edition of the book is available with 46% discount at the lowest price of ₹382.85 (₹710.00)
A customer can order only 2 books, above which will be auto-canceled.

  • The Power of your Subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy at 51% discount

Book Synopsis

This classic book by Dr. Joseph Murphy has published half a century ago. From then, the ripples it has caused in the lives of numerous people is immense. If you are living a mediocre life and wants to accomplish the impossible, then we have to unleash the full potential of the subconscious mind. This books is lucid in its narrative and is easy to understand.

More than one million copies of this book were sold and still continuing to be a best-seller in the Amazon Bestsellers books category.

About the Author

Dr. Joseph Murphy is an American author and is New Thought minister ordained in religious science. He is the holder of Ph.D. from the prestigious University of Southern California before he started writing books.

Book details

No. of Pages: 312 pages
Publisher: Amazing Reads
Language: English
Amazon Best Sellers rank: #2

Book format and price details

This book is available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle editions.

Hardcover: The hardcover edition of the book is available at 30% discount squaring to ₹277.00 (₹399.00).
Paperback: The paperback edition is available with 20% offer at ₹100.00 (₹125.00)
Kindle: The Kindle edition of the book is available at the lowest price of ₹64.21
Grab this book that helps you unravel the maximum potential of the powerful device dwelling in your brain.

  • The Subtle art of not giving f*ck by Mark Manson at 40% discount

Book Synopsis

This self-help book by Mark Manson reigns as the #1 Amazon Best Seller. Must it really be a great book to top the Amazon Best Sellers India right? Let’s take a look at the book’s synopsis.

For about a century, the market for positive thinking and its speakers with cult status has been motivating people to make people live to its fullest with positive thinking and other philosophies and principles surrounding it. Mark Manson in this book has dealt with the content that other self-help positive thinking books fail to answer. He explains how to live life as it comes. Though Manson is not academically certified in Philosophy, he has dealt with this complex subject in a practical way that appeals to the readers.

Other than being featured on the Amazon’s Best Sellers list, this book was also in the New York Times bestsellers and has been endorsed by number elite authors in the same genre. Want to make reading your hobby? This is a perfect book to start with. Grab this from Amazon best sellers India section now!

Book Details

Pages: 224
Publisher: Harper Collins
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1

Book Format & price details

This book is available in both paperback and Kindle editions.

Paperback: The Original Price of the book is ₹499.00. But, with 40% offer in Amazon best sellers India, you get the book at ₹298.00
Kindle: You get 18% discount on the Kindle edition of the book. The final price squares around ₹199.83.
Download the free Kindle app from Amazon to read the book immediately after purchase.

Amazon Bestsellers 2018 list facades the available books that lie at the forefront of its sales. If you have not taken the reading expedition, the list of the book when putting on your bookshelf, then on to your mind re-defines the art of living this life.

With this Amazon Best Sellers Books embark the journey of best to become the best part of yourself. Best wishes

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